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Why are the newer versions of UTorrent so bad?


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Been a Utorrent user for 10+ years.

On my old PC I loved Utorrent and rarely had any problems out of it, if I ever had one. I actually don't remember having any.


Now I got a new pc about a year ago and put the current generation of UTorrent on it and I am so dissatisfied with it. In my opinion it's almost total garbage but I am trying to stay loyal.

Program is just has fatal flaws in it now. I know better ways to waste my time and be epicly frustrated.


1. Finished downloading, can't do anything with torrent. Must seed. Try stopping it or stop it from seeding the damn thing just ignores you. That makes me want to throw my pc. That makes Utorrent suck.

2. Adding a new torrent and don't want to download all the files. Well wait half a day for it to load up the file list so you can uncheck the dang info and screenshot files. Why do I need that crap anyways.

3. I am not a big fan of the UI. Its just not as good as my older one.

4. I get more error rechecks now? Weird never ever seen that before.


#1 is a program killer and may make me look into other programs. 

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