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Pull date from the actual *.torrent file


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My database of torrents consists of about 3000 torrents. 

If the hard drive that contains the files is inaccessible when I start Utorrent. Then utorrent can't access them until all the torrents have been rechecked, and in some cases re-loaded (which takes about 2 days in my case). 

This has the undesirable effect of resetting the add date and time, and after it is checked - resetting the completed date and time.  Making that information useless.


What does NOT change is the date and time on the actual *.torrent text file on the hard drive.

It would be extremely helpful if Utorrent could pull the date from the actual torrent file to indicate when the TORRENT was acquired. 


At the moment, I have 3000 files, and I don't know which ones are old or new other than to manually take a look at the torrent files themselves which is quite tedious.

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