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Option to load OLD files after a crash


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When I do something stupid like disconnect my 4 Terabyte slave drive.. and then start up Utorrent... or the system crashes or their is a power outage.. all sorts of terrible things happen that result in torrents becoming lost, inaccessible, etc.


I notice that in my


directory, there are 5 files called:








When I have a BIG disaster, I manually replace the dht.dat, resume.dat, and settings.dat with their OLD counterparts (I don't think the dht_feed.dat or rss.dat files ever change)


It would be nice if Utorrent would had the option when starting up to load and use these OLD files for occasions when disasters have occurred. 

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The root cause of the problem is when I disconnect my external 4 terabyte drive that contains the files, then accidentally start up Utorrent with one of the data drives not connected.  


The idea is that the dat files were nearly perfect before the drive went offline.. but became corrupted when starting up utorrent without the data drive running.


The "old" dat files fix the problem very well without having to spend days reloading all the torrents.  


Perhaps when Utorrent starts up, if he detects a problem with the database.. it would give the option to use the OLD files.  So, the only time that option would appear is when there is a problem. 

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