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All downloaded files deleted!!! But how, why, by whom?

John Smith

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Woke up yesterday an ALL the movies I've download via uTorrent the past 6 months were gone!  Not in the trash, just gone.  Like they were never there.  When I opened uTorrent I see this next to each (previously) seeding file:  "Error: Invalid download state, try resuming".


So what happened to them?  Did the movie studios hack me and delete them all?  Did the govt make them disapear?  Or is there something very wrong with uTorrent?  My money is on the latter.  I'm running Version 1.8.7 (39558).  The computer, iMac OSX Yosimite, didn't crash or experience any issues.  I didn't install any software.  I don't have anti-virus software.  And I live alone.  Weird.


The kicker is I was about to upgrade to Pro.  Have been using the free version to make sure I liked it and it wasn't buggy.  Now I'm glad I didn't part with my cash.  Perhaps uTorrent got sick of me freeloading and wanted to teach me a lesson?

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