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Some remote 3.4.2 cause flood I'm partial seed


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I have noticed that some (not all) remote clients cause a large amount of incoming connections to me when I am partial seed. The connection rate is about 5-10 per second. The traffic ceases if I become a full seed. This is sometimes impractical with video mega-torrents. Or I can not seed ofc.

I've noticed it with 3.4.2 for the first time, not earlier versions. The clients identify as 3.4.2 and sometimes have garbage string showing in my client after the version. Most of public torrent users have upgraded to recent versions, and probably use semidefault settings, but only a few show this behavior). The peer-id used to change with every connection. This sample doesn't show it now.

The clients gets added to the peer list whenever they connect, sometimes with port 0. The connections close almost immediately.

Why is this happening? If I hypothetically knew this person, could I tell him to disable X and Y to fix this? My configuration, as you can see, µT 2.0.4 port open, UDP disabled, PEX enabled, DHT on, scheduler can be either on or off, not sure what else is relevant.




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You sir are right. I had set this option and forgotten about it. I changed it back, restarted the torrent fresh after two hours and am getting only an average amount of idle traffic from this address. I'll keep this setting at default because I'm very unlikely to get two people from the same city/suburb ('grey ips') on the same torrent.  (I've yet to see the above problem on private torrents, which are also less chatty in general.)

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