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One click switch between download/upload speed modes.


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I am currently downloading a massive 200Gb torrent that's going to take weeks but I do like to play online games too.


When I want to play a game, I have to limit my download and upload speeds for uTorrent or I can get massive lag in the game if the torrent gets a burst of speed. I don't want to stop it completely because the games don't use that much bandwidth.


Right now, I have to manually change download and upload speed before I play the game and again after I finish playing. I know it's not a real hardship but it would be nice to have two user defined mode settings to allow us to switch between them. A single click from limited speed to unlimited and back.


The user defines what dl/ul speeds will be used for limited speed settings and the alternative is completely unlimited. One click before you start playing the game and one click after you've finished playing.


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