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[torrent status] 443


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Description: An experiment in minimalism. I wanted to see if I could convey the torrent status concepts with 3 4x4 blocks ONLY. It works pretty well actually. This set is for us ultra-minimalists at heart.

Changelog: Version 1, initial release.


Here's some anti-confusion context:



Installation instructions are in the zip.

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These are really _amazing_ when you actually put them into uTorrent -- I love it! I think they would be better with color coding (i.e. green and red etc kinds of things), but they are nevertheless _brilliant_ for their simplicity.


I'm serious, once color coded appropriately to taste -- I chose: http://www.drunken-ninja.net/tstatus-443color.bmp -- these become incredibly smooth in the interface, and work really really gracefully.

Do not underestimate these by the line of icons -- judge only after you have seen them genuinely in action in uTorrent.

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