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obsolete info on website FAQ, UPnP


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So, there is an obsolete notion on uTorrents FAQ regarding problem routers with UPnP...

Question: "Modems/routers that are known to have problems with P2P apps (from Azureus, but applies to µTorrent too)"

Section: "Due to UPnP"

Device: ZyXEL Prestige P660H(W)

I remember too having some problems with earlier firmwares and UPnP in conjunction with uTorrent, but at some version of firmware this was fixed. So could your faq to be updated with notion that it is fixed and suggest peoples to upgrade? I know this because I use uTorrent alot and also like to tweak most out of my equipments (power user).

EDIT: Using 1.5 stable.

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What version of the firmware fixed it?

That's just it; It was "so" long ago that I can't remember exactly, but there were many flaws in early firmware releases, but around PE8 everything is worked as should pretty much, now we are at version PE11. I didn't pay that much attention to this specific bug (UPnP didn't work any good among many things back then). I just surfed around on uTorrent site and saw this and think that maybe quick detail change would be in place.


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I don't want starting to sound picky, but there still could be some minor tweaking on the models of p660:

Currently: "ZyXEL Prestige 660HW/P660H(W) (Firmwares PE8+ will fix this)"

Prestige XXX is often shortened to PXXX by ZyXEL themselves, so now we have funny looking sentence there, it is enough to write "ZyXEL Prestige 660H(W) (Firmwares PE8+ will fix this)" or so...

Thanks again

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