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General running issues with uTorrent


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Hi guys.

So I've been using uTorrent no worries for over a year, and the other week I downloaded a VPN extension (Zenmate) for Chrome. It came up with a message that it changed settings and I couldn't find what it did so I deleted the extension. Since then I've had so many issues with uTorrent - torrents either get stuck on connecting to peers, the downloads are ridiculously slow and speeds are all over the place or just stop, trackers don't work or time out etc.

I've tried re-installing, different torrent software (none of which I can get to work cos they're confusing as hell), and I can't seem to work out what has gone wrong. I've reset the winsock thing (don't even know what that is) and nothing.

Anyone got any suggestions? I'm convinced it is the VPN software fault but when I google that, it has nothing but praise.

(PS Admins I tried to read the set up guide and the link doesn't work so I've just had a trawl through here and so far nothing has helped..)

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