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Downloaded files don't get rid of !UT extension automatically


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Not sure when it all began, but in uTorrent 3.4.3 b39944, if you enable the option to add !UT extension to incomplete files, that extension is not removed when individual files reach 100% downloaded... In order to get rid of !UT extension, I have to stop torrent and start it again... It removes !UT extension only after all the files in the torrent have finished downloading...


Use case: A torrent with several episodes of some TV series. You start the torrent, give the first episode High priority, second episode Medium and the rest Low. You expect to be able to start watching first episode as soon as it is downloaded. However, double-clicking it doesn't work, because the file still has !UT extension. You have to stop torrent to make the file playable and start torrent again to continue downloading other files...

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