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UPNP with dd-wrt doesn't work


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I tried after the latest beta build where it said in the version changes list that upnp was improved but it wasnt enough for my router.

I have a Linksys WRT54G v3.1 running DD-WRT beta build from yesterday with upnp enabled.

I have upnp installed in windows xp and network setting is showing the router.

I have upnp and ssds services set to auto and running.

I have no firewall between router and computer.

I have tried upnp test programs that say everything is AOK.

UPNP show up in the dd-wrt webgui perfectly when they request a port to open and I have tried some apps that use UPNP with great success.

utorrent says it cant map upnp port.

conclusion: utorrent upnp implementation is buggy and has been ever since it was introduced.

could you please do something about it?

btw great work otherwise!

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