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Peer to Peer instant messaging,+ encrypted search facility in your app


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Hello :D ,


1) Peer to Peer instant messaging-Just an Idea, as a result of 3 days and 16 hour download of one 19.7gb file. The main issue being speed, due to the throttling of peer's, I noted it becuase on the first day uk speediest connection was 1.4MB per second a result of two combined but varied speeds of overseas bit and utorrent peers, I noted the names and over the past three days the same computers / ip's were available but with retarded speeds of between 8kb-10kb, though at times those same computers would increase speeds for 20 minutes or in the case of the last day 1 minute, then back to slow.


:) An instant messaging feature with a short cut request link like "could you by chance set your upload limits to unlimted temporarily" and "More Speed-torrent name" with a short cut facility to respond with "No", "Yes", "Complete", "Sorry limited dial up capacity"(for those with 1gb limited dongles, a uk feature)  etc etc. :)


2) Here in UK it is a challenge using your search facility let alone retrieve a torrent or get to this website, due to the "stifling of innovation" steps taken by the copyright laws- solution would be to build in encryption to your search facility. That's one idea that will get you millions more clients here, believe me this country is expensive enough, and we have had enough of censorship excuses!!. :)


:ph34r: Background is I am one of the few people whom has visited the very first fifty websites back in the early 90's before isp's monetized the web, governments blocked the web and poorly run business's use the excuse "copyright" to block access to amazing amounts of information. I am a true believer and promoter in the internet's original idea of being "FREE" for everyone to use, . B) IT trained and Qualified yes there is a difference lol. I hope the two Ideas gain some traction or at least spark some creativity, as it is getting to the extent that people start being offline, as one can't get to website one wants all other "social media sites" are just form filling competitons/excercises,  combined with "light level addiction" really. One should really spend no more than 352 hours infront of a pc in any one year...There is a very good reason look it up it's scientific, for you geeks out there. ;)


Surf well, and remember there is a world outside of the internet-Shaasa

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