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Last hope of torrenting


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Hello there, I have a problem with uTorrent (actually every torrent-client so far) about it being stuck on "finding peers", though only on piratebay and kickass.to


I've searched everywhere, gone through every forum I could find, but I cannot find the same issue that I have.


I'll put a picture or two of what the trackers show.


Though the problem only occurs with the previously mentioned sites, though I'm positive that the trackers are not down, as other people I know still use them.


The security I have on my computer is the basic Windows Firewall (although uTorrent is allowed, something about peer-to-peer connections were not allowed, though unchecking this had no effect whatsoever), and Windows Defender as the anti-virus.


I really hope there is some help to be found here. Thank you in advance! :D


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I have the same problem.  I have tried all things suggested on all forums re resume files and settings and uninstalling and reinstalling and even changing my anti-virus to one recommended to work with utorrent. (Avast)  FYI slackware torrents do work, and the speed is great on that one torrent.  I can't include a screen shot as illustration of the problem, for some reason it won't paste. I've tried in the dialogue box that pops up and also straight into this post.



Basically, they all say 'Connection timed out'

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