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Can't download from firewalled seed(s) - Help please


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HI all, I'm new here but not new to uTorrent, it's the only BT client I use now- a wonderful and so easy to use client.

I am currently involved in a discussion within a small DHT BT community and it seems my experiences are not the same as many other's. Whenever I'm still downloading and all the seeds are firewalled I receive NO data from them - never, nothing. I'm being told that this is not the case for others and they can and do dl from firewalled seeds. What is the truth to this matter, am I the exception to the rule ?? I've many times aborted a dl when even though there may have been 8 or more firewalled seeds I remained stuck at whatever percentage of download I'd reached with non-firewalled seeds and eventually I just gave up on the download. Can anyone please tell me what the truth of this matter is ?? MY port(s) both incoming and outgoing are both open - for both HTTP and UDP.

Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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