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Authentication Token - Where? and How?


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Good Day,


I have been reading through the Git Wiki and several of the forum posts here, but I can not seem to find the "index.php" file that has been mentioned, where I would be able to access the Authentication Token I need to make HTTP requests to uTorrent.


Currently I am developing a u Torrent Plugin for Emby. Although this plugin will never officially be submitted to the Emby Catalog, having the interface integrated just seems like a good idea to me.


Thanks in advance for pointing me into the right direction,



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I have remaind on version 2.2.1 because a community I belong to recommends that version over all. However, there are other certain version that are recommended to use.


The fact that I am limited to certain versions, makes development with your WEB API...particular.


I suppose that I should re-phrase my original question, and perhaps I may get an answer in my thread.


In which version of uTorrent was the Web API activated? 


This is probably the reason why I am unable to find the file I need to parse to find my Authentication Token for development, and also why none of the HTTP Requests are returning anything.


Again, I thank you for your time responding.




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