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Upload speed erratic after version 1.5 (stable)


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Hello all,

I have been using utorrent for a while and i cant figure out what exactly is going on here.

Stable ver 1.5 works well for me. However, any beta release after that, has very erratic upload speeds. Meaning, my speed reaches max 72-75 Kbp/s and then drops to nearly 1 Kbps and back up again to the max. This has happened in every version since 1.5. When i switch back to the stable version, the upload speeds are fine. I have checked the settings and they are the same.

Has something changed after 1.5?

Thanks for anyone who can solve this issue.

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The original BitTorrent set upload slots to 4 almost regardless of HOW fast it was uploading.

4 upload slots does in fact work ok if uploading between 8 KB/sec and 100 KB/sec.

However your best bet is to allow 1 upload slot for every 3-10 KB/sec upload speed you're giving out.

This is OVERALL upload slots, not upload slots per torrent.

So if you allow 4 torrents, you need to multiply the upload slots per torrent by 4 to find total upload slots.

This way, each peer you're uploading to will be more likely to upload to you -- and since you're not sending all your upload to very few peers (like 1 or 2) there's MORE peers likely to upload back to you.

If you set upload slots too high, it results in very low upload speeds per peer...and the peers WILL ignore you!

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