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Stop Pro Streaming Video Trial


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Hello & Help!


I am using uTorrent v3.4.3 and accidentally activated the Pro video streaming trial.  Now my designated video  player no longer functions and when playback is activated, the uTorrent video player starts in the right-hand portion of the playback, files, info, ... speed, logger, relate info box.  A message in the left-most status bar says "Your streaming trial ends in 7 days".


In preferences, playback - my default player (PotPlayer) is still listed as the external media player.  However there seems no way to delete the uTorrent player, which I presume is the "internal" default player.


Is there any way to terminate this trial?  I have no interest in Pro.  I just want to get back my external video player functionality when I hit "playback".


Thanks for the help!




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