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STOPPED! Files completed, shared. Reboot, moved files: STOPPED


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Hey all, I just rebooted my computer and transferred all my files. I relocated the files and am force re-checking them all (re-organizing is fun). Most are being found and check out fine. I have a few that are not and I don't know why.


They are Stopped at random amounts, starting at 0.0% up to 91.6%. All of the files have been shared before, for many months. I have double checked the files (mp3s, flacs) and they all play fine, they don't sound corrupted. I have even re-loaded the files from the backup and re-directed utorrent to the new file but with the same results.


Any ideas? Thanks!




(The blue highlighted torrent is especially confusing, since utorrent thinks it was never completed, yet it has shared more than 100% of itself)

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Further troubleshooting:

I deleted a folder and its corresponding torrent completely. Re-downloaded torrent from website, placed backup file in destination and pointed utorrent to it....


Stopped at the exact percentage as before. That seems to be a corruption of the downloaded file(s) in my mind. The one I tried was at 98% and I can see how maybe a small amount got corrupted (not sure how that works), but there are 15 more that are stopped at 0.0%. I don't understand how 100% of each of those files could be bad.

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