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Setting up µTorrent


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The suggested settings for upload slots and half-open slots are excessive.

For upload slots it says:

"This value should be at least 1, and should take approx. 25% of your Global maximum upload rate setting. Also, tick the Use additional upload slots if upload speed <90% setting for better results."

Since my global max upload is 35 KB/sec, it recommends 8 upload slots. But if I have even 2 torrents going at once that means I'm barely giving out 2 KB/sec per upload slot on average.

For half-open connections, it's even more insane:

"This setting should be approx. 50% of your upload speed (in kilobits/s)."

My upload speed in kilobits/sec is 380 -- so my half-open connections should be 190?!?!

Many if not MOST routers and modems will have issues with half-open connections so high!

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