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Starts new downloads before seeding earlier torrents


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I am set for 2 downloads and 3 running torrents total and to seed until 150 percent

If I queue several downloads for later with 2 currently downloading I've found that as soon as they complete it will start on the next downloads and dump the already running seeds which are still at a low ratio - not yet at the 150% set in options.

This is making me a leech! I'm used to Az which will hold off new downloads until the seed ratio set is attained.

On open trackers this is not a problem as once all downloads are done it will go back and resume seeding until the specified 150%. But for me, on a private tracker with rigerous ratio conditions and where torrents mature very quickly (all users are feverishly seeding back) going back to finish seeding later is no good because there are few leechers left to seed to.

Am I missing a setting here, or will a more honest system be implemented in a future release?

Thanks for this awesome client btw :D

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I totally agree, and suggested the same thing to ludde before. A simple option to select between "Download" And "Download And Seed" would be pretty nice. I believe ABC does the same thing, you can choose what are active torrents count as - downloading only, or downloading and seeding.

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