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DHT waiting to log in


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I can't download any of the files today and I noticed that there is 'DHT wating to log in' sign at the bottom of my utorrent client. My last download using utorrent was 8 days ago, so I'm not sure when exactly the issue arised. I've searched the net for solutions but couldn't seem to solve it.


From this website (https://depthstrike.com/2007/11/24/utorrent-dht-troubleshooting/), I tried solution 1 and 4 as I managed to understand what it's trying to say; I'm not really good with computer things.


Also, I've tried downloading torrents from Slackware and failed. I've tried torrenting from my other computer and it has the same problem. Could it be that my ISP blocked torrenting?



I opened my utorrent client and it said DHT: 0 nodes. Not sure if this will help.


Thanks a bunch

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