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i seen my comp d/l at 180k. utorrent goes at about 5-20k :(


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I have a cable connection so i should be able to get a high speed downloads.

But i hear ppl saying they download there pc games (for eg.) in about 3 or 4 days. but if i download the same game it will take me about 2-4 months. :( i don't understand why i download at about 10k on ave, but on programs like limewire i seen my downloading go as high as 180k. any1 no why my connection is so slow with utorrent?

Also while i'm here. For some reason my utorrent has decided to not to connect to DHT anymore. i still have a green light and keeps tryin to log in but won't. it says (logging in) or waiting to log in, switchin between the two. my utorrent is still downloading torrents but i have no idea why it won't connect to DHT anymore. i haven't changed anything. it has just stopped workin for some reason :( any1 have any idea's? If it helps i'm using utorrent 1.5.1 BETA.

Thanks for your help every1. i really hope some1 can give me some fed back.


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