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Interface Issues


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I have a similar issue on Win 8.1 [64-bit], with uTorrent 3.4.3 (build 40298) [32-bit]


I do have a side bar for vertical scrolling but it seems like I can never see the bottom 5 lines.

When I'm on the top line and I scroll down with the arrows the selected [gray] line goes down and under the visible window without scrolling down, for 4-5 of my hits on the down arrow (window size dependent). After that it scrolls down one line at a time as it should, but I still cannot see the bottom/currently selected line. It stops moving when it reaches the last line and I never get to see it, or the other 3-4 over it, thus being unable to right click on them.


Picture 2 (1.gif): Top selection

Picture 1 (2.gif): Bottom selection (not last) partially hidden from view

Picture 3 (3.gif): Last selection (not in view). Also vertical scrollbar partially hidden.


(Edited picture order, uploader posted them in wrong order)




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