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Cannot keep a steady UL speed


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I have a 2/2mbit connection and i'm having some problems with my seeding torrents.

Currently i'm seeding/uploading a single torrent on a private tracker. i'm connected to 3 of the 5 peers and my UL speed is at 0 kB/s, but on occations the UL speed peaks at maximum (approx. 250 kB/s) but then drops down to 0 in about 10 seconds.

I'm not downloading or seeding any other torrents

At the moment the speed of the torrent is increasing and decreasing all the time, although i know that the peers has a constant DL speed.

My settings are:

- Utorrent 1.5.1 beta, build 463

- Kaspersky Anti-virus Personal 5.0.237

- TCPIP patched to 100

- Windows XP firewall (XP pro, all updates installed)

following settings in utorrent:



Global maximum upload rate = 885

Alternate upload rate = 1062

Global maximum download rate = 926

Disk Cache


Override automatic Cache Size and specify the size manually: 128 MB (having a total of 1gb)

Reduce memory usage when the cache is not needed: checked

Advanced Cache Settings = All checked



Global maximum number of connections = 200

Maximum number of connected peers per torrent = 30

Number of upload slots per torrent = 8

Use addittional upload slots if upload speed < 90% = checked

Queue settings


Maximum number of activer torrents = 50

Maximum number of active downloads = 50

Other Settings


Enable DHT = UNchecked

Enable DHT for new torrents = Unchecked

Enable Peer Exchange = checked

Enable scraping = checked

Pre-allocate = checked

Advanced Settings (all default, execpt the following)


gui.compat.diropen = true

net.max_halfopen = 50

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