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slow disk write speed?


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    I'm having some problem with my utorrent for mac.   I'm having a 1t 840evo ssd as downloading cache (i hate noise), but the speed of utorrent writing to it is insanely slow.

    so whenever a  download begins, utorrent will write the same amount of 'blank' data to ssd write? but the speed writing speed, whenever my utorrent is writing, is around 40-50 mb/s. come on, it's an SSD!   and then it's like the speed it limited at 50mb/s, my speedtest will not even get a result of 10mb/s. it's significantly slowing down the entire machine

    and as soon as i reboot the machine, and re-test again, now i will be getting 400-500 mb/s which is normal.




    so, anyone have any idea what's going on? or any fix?   thanks



ps.  I'm using utorrent for mac

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