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WinXP Motorola SBG900 Sygate Personal Firewall Comcast cable internet


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I can't seem to get it to work right. I've set up my SBG900 with the Port Forwarding, but when I attempt to set up the Network Connections (TCP/IP) (in Windows XP Control Panel) so that it uses a static IP, it accepts the changes but then my system can't find my internet provider (Comcast) - I lose email and everything. As soon as I reset back to letting the IP chosen automatically (dynamically?), without even having to restart my system, all my internet connectivity comes back. And even with the setup of the 'static' IP, uTorrent can't seem to find any of the torrent URLs. I'm very, VERY much a newbie when it comes to this stuff. I've never really delved into the innards of my Sony Vaio's WinXP install so any help will be appreciated - especially from Comcast users who are running a Vaio P4, Motorola SBG900 cablemodem, WinXP with Sygate Personal Firewall up and running .

Thanks in advance.

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