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Using cURL to send web api commands

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G'day all,


I'm having some difficulty getting the web api commands working correctly. I'm using cURL on my linux box and trying the following commands:

curl -u username:password http://localhost:8080/gui/token.html

This produces and output of

<html><div id='token' style='display:none;'>tpWpgWpgbXhSyTrCmTYX39utU4DcbLdnAAAAAMXBcJoAAAAAxi0BGp0tfVUAAAAA</div></html>

Now that appears to work fine, so I then send the next command:

curl -u username:password http://localhost:8080/gui/?token=tpWpgWpgbXhSyTrCmTYX39utU4DcbLdnAAAAAMXBcJoAAAAAxi0BGp0tfVUAAAAA&action=setsetting&s=bind_port&v=10001'>http://localhost:8080/gui/?token=tpWpgWpgbXhSyTrCmTYX39utU4DcbLdnAAAAAMXBcJoAAAAAxi0BGp0tfVUAAAAA&action=setsetting&s=bind_port&v=10001

results in...

[1] 22209[2] 22210[3] 22211[admin@arch-ut ~]$invalid request[1]   Done                    curl -u username:passwod http://localhost:8080/gui/?token=tpWpgWpgbXhSyTrCmTYX39utU4DcbLdnAAAAAMXBcJoAAAAAxi0BGp0tfVUAAAAA[2]-'>http://localhost:8080/gui/?token=tpWpgWpgbXhSyTrCmTYX39utU4DcbLdnAAAAAMXBcJoAAAAAxi0BGp0tfVUAAAAA[2]-  Done                    action=setsetting[3]+  Done                    s=bind_port[admin@arch-ut ~]$

I'm not really sure how to translate this result - because it doesn't seem to make any changes.




I even tried:

curl -u username:password http://localhost:8080/gui/?token=tpWpgWpgbXhSyTrCmTYX39utU4DcbLdnAAAAAMXBcJoAAAAAxi0BGp0tfVUAAAAA&list=1'>http://localhost:8080/gui/?token=tpWpgWpgbXhSyTrCmTYX39utU4DcbLdnAAAAAMXBcJoAAAAAxi0BGp0tfVUAAAAA&list=1

which results in:

[1] 22220[admin@arch-ut ~]$invalid request[1]+  Done                    curl -u username:password http://localhost:8080/gui/?token=tpWpgWpgbXhSyTrCmTYX39utU4DcbLdnAAAAAMXBcJoAAAAAxi0BGp0tfVUAAAAA

Am I sending the incorrect information? This is really bugging me as i'm trying to automate a script to change the bind_port every hour.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Sorry for the late response, you probably have figured it for now.


In case you didn't, or if anyone get the same problem, it's easy to fix: just put quotes around the URL, like:


curl -u username:password "http://localhost:8080/gui/?token=tpWpgWpgbXhSyTrCmTYX39utU4DcbLdnAAAAAMXBcJoAAAAAxi0BGp0tfVUAAAAA&action=setsetting&s=bind_port&v=10001"


The problem happens because the URL contains &.

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