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uTorrent does not recognize own ip(s)


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Not a real bug, more a glitch:

If I try to download a dead torrent, uTorrent always reports 1 peer found through DHT and says 0 of 1 connected in the Peers-colums. Technically correct, but it is my own (external) IP that is found and thus is confusing. I personally rather have that uTorrent does not include myself, because it is pretty useless.

If I take a look at the peers-list for several torrents, I also notice that quite often, it includes private IP's of routers, including the same as my own router ( but since it is someone else's that is listed, it has different port). Again a glitch. uTorrent knows both my external IP, my internal IP and the routers internal IP, so it should filter out private IP's from the peer-list which are the same as my own internal IP or my routers internal IP.

From http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=9595

This isn't a bug, and you'll find other clients do the same. There isn't any problem with it happening either. BT clients don't consider you to be the same by IP and port, they connect, get your peer/client ID, and then consider you the same.

Apparently, the latter, getting your peer/client ID and then considering you the same, doesn't always work?

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To add one thing. Couldn't this issue also cause people to show them a Network OK while instead it is not? If an ISP is blocking outside incomming connections, people would be unable to accept incoming connections. But, if they connect to themselves (see above), wouldn't uTorrent say Network OK because of the incoming connection to itself?

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