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hash check/banned


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i couldnt find something that matched this exacly, just alot of stuff like this

im getttin alot of failed hash checks and banned peers the log. iv been gettin the hash chekc fails for a while on alot of torents (not all) but the banning thing is new. im not sure if its effecting me or not. jus wondering wat the hell it all means. also im using a relativle new netgear router.



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I've also seen a lot of these occurrences of failed hash check and eventually banning of a peer. It's a recent observation.

But I can shed some more light onto the situation - the piece failing is always listed as the first piece in a file.

I've been downloading some big torrents, and have been limiting the torrent to handling only one file at a time, and each time it's that first piece of each file that suffers multiple hash fails.

I could be wrong, but I've a suspicion it might be another client that is routinely doing something different with those first and last pieces that are shared between two files. In every case so far I've eventually had a good download of the affected piece, so no major concerns here.

My current problem piece has had 6 fails, and there are 8 bans showing. No other pieces have failed for this file.

Op sys: Win98SE. DMZ is not being used.

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I imagine that if it's the first of a file that's always failing hash checks...that it's also the last of a file that's also failing hash checks, due to how files are hashed in a torrent (ending of 1 file and beginning of the next share the same piece).

And anything that automatically changes a video or MP3's TAG will likely be causing just the sort of behavior you see. And lots of people have such audio/video player apps that like to "fix" video and MP3 TAGs.

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Yup, it's avi files I'm seeing this on.

They're a non-standard avi (ie non-MS) that has impressive compression, with grren artifacts at times of high movement / need for higher bitrate.

Your theory about tags makes good sense. As it's impossible to expect the average dumb-ass user to copy their movies before playing them, it may become necessary to have torrent clients check avis before sharing, or to write protect them while being shared, otherwise there's gonna be a lot of video and audio that never quite complete their download thanks to the last few bytes being failed endlessly.

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