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LAN: Clients do not upload...


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I have a server which uses utorrent's built in tracker.

Then I have 12 LAN computers which downloads a torrent from this tracker, but...

They all download just fine - but there are some issues:

It seems like they don't upload anything they recieve. (The flag is D and the only peer is the server).

In the connection column it shows 1(2) 0(12).

What can be the reason for them not sharing the file with each other?

There is also one other thing, suddenly it stops from sending data on certain clients for 1-3 minutes before it starts again. Why is that?



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No, it is a classrom that is on a vlan. The server has one NIC and connects to four classrooms on four vlans.

The ip address on the vlans is 192.168.20x.0 (x=1-4), with Default gateway 192.168.20x.1

I noticed the ip config on the server was 192.168.20x.254.

Could it be that the server dosn't send back a response to the correct ip subnet?

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Take a look at the ip's of the peer (right-click in the peer-screen and use copy peers and paste them in notepad). Have you tried ping'ing / tracert'ing between pc's on the various vlan's and to the server? Sounds to make like a small glitch in the network setup, but that difficult to say with limited information.

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It is still not working

This is how the network setup is:

3 x 24 port switches with 4 vlans.

vlan 11 - Classroom 1 -

vlan 12 - Classroom 2 -

vlan 13 - Classroom 3 -

vlan 14 - Classroom 4 -

I seed from a server which has access to all these vlans, it's a network interface card that reads vlan information and has an IP address in each vlan:

vlan 11 -

vlan 12 -

vlan 13 -

vlan 14 -

Can anyone see what I need to do to get this fixed? Do you need more information?

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There is no firewall, the server has a .254 address in each vlan and there is no routing. The server has a "server network card" that can read vlan data. there is one port on the network card, but in windows you can see 4 network connections, one for each subnet. And those network connections are configured with a 192.168.20x.254 address.

Could it be that utorrent can't send out peer information to the clients because it sends it to the wrong subnet? They can all download from the server, but they do not share data with each other.

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