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Full Commandline List


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Hm, there aren't all that many, simply because the way it's currently set up, adding new switches is a non-trivial matter. In any case, the ones I remember are...

/RECOVER for multiple instances

/MINIMIZED to open minimized (to tray if option selected)

/HIDE to open in "boss" mode (no icon in tray, etc); be warned that a Boss Key must be set

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is there any command line to change the upload/download speed?

I need one. because i'am sharing my line with 3 other people. i've made a program that moniters when they are working or not, but i need a mechanisim to change my upload/download speeds when other people connect and i'm not around to modify it. i currently use VB script but it doesn't always work.

I would really appreciate your help very much. Thanx.

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At some stage i came across an article for "gracefully" shutting uTorrent down. I lost that article, and cant find it anywhere. I can remember using it with Version 1.4, not sure if they maybe removed that switch in versions 1.5 and 1.6.

Can somebody confirm this?

Is there an actual offcial Document / Help File from the utorrent site for valid switches?


Thx Darrell

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