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Fast Upload, Slow Download


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I'm in need of some help or at least some explaining of what's going on. I'll leave it up to you torrent experts whom have more expertise in the area. Let me describe the setup before I describe the problem.

I'm running Windows XP SP2 ver: 5.1.2600. I've applied the TCP/IP fix, I believe it now allows 50 connections instead of 10. I've got wireless DSL connected to a Linksys Entherfast Cable/DSL Router Model # BEFSR41 V3 with Firmware Version: 1.05.03.

I've no Firewall's installed and have disabled the default Windows firewall. I have access to my router so I can and have forwarded the proper ports. I've established a fixed IP and have port 51650 forwarded. I use that port for BitTorrents. uTorrents test indicates that the port is current open.

I get a green light in uTorrent also.

My internet connection is rated at 384/kbs. I average about 38k downloaded normal things off the net. I've tested my connection via Speed tests over the net, and I upload at 60k which is faster than I can even download.

The problem is I get less then average results from torrents. I'll get speeds of like 2.0kB/s and be uploading at like 15kB/s. Most of the time it's downloading in the 1.5kB/s range, sometimes it will jump up to the 9.0kB/s range.

This just doesn't seem right that I upload so fast, but my download speeds are horrid.

I didn't know if there is a particular problem with my router. I've read that some are bad for torrents in general. I have had decent download rates in times past.

Maybe you guy's could give me some suggestions or indications of what I'm doing wrong.

If you need anymore information I'll be happy to follow up.



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In my opinion - you really don't have those 60kB/s upload speed. That would be the first time in my life seeing DSL configured in that way: giving the user more upload than download.

Basing on this, you probably are giving to way too much upload and doing this you are eventually choking any possible download.

Get the real info of your upload - don't you have this written down in your contract with ISP?

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Along with what #2 said, I agree that you might be choking your download speeds. And again that is very odd that you have a higher upload than download in speed tests. You might want to consider getting a faster line, otherwise it looks like you have it set up right. Also another thought maybe it just that torrent your on, you said you've gotten better speeds before?

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Here are some speed tests all from different places. Read em and tell me what you think I should setup my utorrnet as...

dslreports.com speed test result on 2006-07-01 20:34:13 EST:

288 / 568

Your download speed : 288 kbps or 36 KB/sec.

Your upload speed is much faster than down.. have you tweaked?

Your upload speed : 568 kbps or 71.1 KB/sec.

dslreports.com speed test result on 2006-07-01 20:35:30 EST:

497 / 476

Your download speed : 497 kbps or 62.1 KB/sec.

Your upload speed : 476 kbps or 59.5 KB/sec.

dslreports.com speed test result on 2006-07-01 20:36:41 EST:

559 / 568

Your download speed : 559 kbps or 69.8 KB/sec.

Your upload speed : 568 kbps or 71 KB/sec.

dslreports.com speed test result on 2006-07-01 20:37:51 EST:

485 / 613

Your download speed : 485 kbps or 60.6 KB/sec.

Your upload speed : 613 kbps or 76.6 KB/sec.

dslreports.com speed test result on 2006-07-01 20:39:08 EST:

554 / 580

Your download speed : 554 kbps or 69.3 KB/sec.

Your upload speed : 580 kbps or 72.6 KB/sec.

I have Wireless DSL again.

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Also, if you're on wireless -- just because a 'loadless' speed test nets a pretty high speed doesn't mean all that speed is available for µTorrent. Even when everything is working perfectly, it seems like with wireless that making many ip-to-ip connections drops the speed FAR faster than with wired internet solutions.

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