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  1. Build 26729

    I am now having disk overload problems as experienced and posted by many others. Windows 7 64-bit, i7 2760QM, running wireless (300Mbps 5Ghz), writing out to local disk or to NAS does not seem to make any difference.

    Preallocate is enabled, and my disk cache settings are identical to those in rafi's "tips" thread.

    I have increased the cache manually which sent the torrents to 100% but now they are stuck "Flushing to disk" but there are no disk writes being performed at all despite all torrents having finished downloading to the cache.

    uTorrent is now sitting here doing nothing whatsoever with a bunch of torrents stuck "Flushing".

    If it werent for the RSS implementation (have tried other clients and they dont seem to have the RSS flexibility), I would be "flushing" uTorrent right about now.too.

    How can something seemingly so simple as saving a file be so difficult?

    edit: Cancelled 3 remaining with "flushing" status, relaunched uTorrent - cache is filling again with no disk writes at all:


  2. After dialog shows for adding torrent (auto load torrent),

    if I set label (Not empty name) for torrents,

    utorrent always crash .

    Version: uTorrent 3.1.2 Beta 26696 (the recent 2 update also have such a issue)

    Dump link: http://ifile.it/n637cz2

    I am having the same problem, when setting label in the "Add new Torrent" dialog, certain torrents it will always crash when setting label, other torrents have no problem with this.

    If I leave the label blank it will add the torrent fine, I can then right click the torrent and add a label normally.

    I submitted dumps via the internal feature, but it throws a HTTP error on each dump submission.

  3. RSS feed GUI issues:

    1) Select a feed' date=' right-click on the same or any other feed. Every 2nd torrent in the feed you are viewing becomes selected.


    set pref.->UI settings->Alternate background color = unchecked ? ...

    Enabled, but what I am describing is not the normal alternating "background" highlighting - it actually selects every second torrent in the displayed feed as if it is actually clicked.

    That said, with the setting disabled I cannot replicate - so this setting triggers the unexpected behavior.

  4. RSS feed GUI issues:

    1) Select a feed, right-click on the same or any other feed. Every 2nd torrent in the feed you are viewing becomes selected.

    2) The combined "Feeds" view is constantly re-drawing/re-sorting where there are duplicate items from different RSS feeds - you can see this by either highlighting one of the duplicates and watching it jump around, or by enabling the Label column and watching it have a seizure.

  5. 1. When downloading file the peers list suddenly becomes empty though the process is going on and 45 seeds are active.

    2. My file (307 Mb) has been downloaded at 52% yet but total incoming traffic is shown as 884 Mb. Is that because of increasing quote of service traffic (I doubt it) or drastically increased amount of banned peers?

    UPDATE: I see several hundreds FAILED HASH CHECK messages in my log - they appear every 5-10 seconds. I guess that is the reason.

    UPDATE 2: 95 of 138 seeds' IPs are "banned until forever" during this session!

    UPDATE 3: At last all (!) seeds were banned...

    UPDATE 4: Summary: file downloaded. Size - 307 Mb. Connection speed - 1 Mbps. Duration - 6 hours. Amount of pieces failed hash check > 4.000. Consumed traffic - 1.9 Gb... Awful!

    It's a poisoned torrent. Find another one.

    I don't think so. Maybe the reason is it's got non-English (Cyrillic) name?

    This is not an issue with poisoned torrents. There is a bug causing this. There are a few posts in the 3.1 alpha (non-plus) thread here too with the same issue. Page 6/7.


  6. With this 3.1 I have been getting a lot of FAILED HASH CHECK messages. Will get 99% or so and then crap out and fail the same piece every time from every peer.

    I have multiple torrents exhibiting this behaviour. I can download the same torrent files in 2.x without issue.

    If I stop the torrent, and perform a force recheck - the torrents will then complete normally.