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  1. Switeck- I have a few questions.You have alot of patience.I read all ten pages,and can't believe how lazy some people are concerning this topic.I'm new,so figure it all out for me,OK!....... I went to and tested my cable connection 10 times and did an average. My results Down = 8Mb/s Up =.49Mb/s Using your chart I fall in between these settings.I used the lower of the two choices,and plugged in all the figures using 448Kbit/sec. ║ 448 kbit/sec ║ 40│ 4║ 40│ 100║ 3│ 2 ║ 512 kbit/sec ║ 47│ 4║ 40│ 100║ 4│ 3 I want to limit my max upload rate to 40kb/sec based on your chart. Let's say I'm downloading 3 torrents.Is it better to keep the overall max upload rate of 40 and let the 3 torrents fight for upload speed or go into the property screen for each torrent and set an individual max upload. (ie) 40/3=13.3,so I could cap out the max upload for each torrent at a max of 13 or 14,or would I be better off just downloading 2 torrents at a time,and set the max upload for each torrent at 20. Hopefully I explained this so you can understand. Thank-You