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  1. For those of you participating in this toolbar forum, thank you. Believe it or not, we listen and appreciate the feedback. I am sorry to learn of your frustrations and even worse, to lose many of you as customers. When we read of customers having problems with the new toolbar we, with the help of Conduit, began to investigate the mentioned issues. While at first we were unable to reproduce any of the issues, eventually we did isolate a bug affecting a niche group of users during uninstall. In isolated cases for IE users, during uninstall a server either timed-out or failed to connect for some reason. Last week Conduit corrected the issue and took measures to prevent this from occurring in the future. Anyone that was affected by the bug can now complete the clean uninstall. I apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate that you took the time to provide the feedback for us to track and fix the issue. Catherine
  2. In response to your feedback that the toolbar offer was not clear, we have made changes to the install screen. We take the reports of bugs very seriously. Both our team and Conduit's team have been investigating further whether there is any problem with the install, but we have been unable to find any evidence that the toolbar will ever install if you deselect all 3 checkboxes. We also continue to investigate the reports of uninstall problem and are working hard to isolate any uninstall problem. Again, if you have any evidence of this happening I want to hear from you at Catherine
  3. I want to address install and uninstall process. Regarding the install, the toolbar should not silently install. The user has to accept the offer on the install screen. Having said that, if anyone believes the toolbar installed without your permission, we would definitely like to address it. Please email me at Regarding uninstall, you can uninstall at any time but you do need to uninstall from both IE and FF. To uninstall from IE, click the start button and then select settings > control panel > add/remove programs, select uTorrentBar and click change/remove. To uninstall in FF, in the browser menu, select tools > add-ons in extensions tab, select the uTorrentBar and select uninstall. If you need to change your homepage - in IE browser's tools menu, select internet options, click the general tab, at home page section change to your home page, and click "OK". In FF browser's tools menu, select internet options, click the general icon. in startup box, change to the home page of your choice. If you have more questions visit After following the instructions, if you have any problems, I would like to hear from you to address these problems. Please email
  4. As you may already know, BitTorrent offers users an optional browser toolbar with the download of our clients. Recently, in an effort to provide a better browser bar and improved search, we've switched partners. The new browser bar is now customizable with thousands of free browser apps and will soon offer integration between the BitTorrent browser app and the client. This browser bar helps support BitTorrent. To kick-off the partnership, we will be offering the bar as an optional download as part of the uTorrent 2.2 update. The bar will continue to be optional, will only download if the offer is accepted and can be uninstalled at anytime. Thank you for your support. We'd welcome any feedback or comments at