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  1. I like that previous version more...
  2. http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=2395&p=1#p19409
  3. Yeah, that robotic eye is not good.
  4. I like this human ninja more. This could be good for homepage and mascot, but can you make some icon samples with same theme?
  5. If we cant use hummingbird because some company is called hummingbird and uses hummingbird for a logo, then we cant use gulls either, cause OpenOffice.org already uses seagulls.
  6. Why dont Shrill and BloodStaindHurricane make icons of tribal guy and hummingbird and let people use them "in real life" so we can choose what looks best on desktop and tray. Also can Shrill show how that tribal guy looks when its 128x128px or bigger?
  7. Now I have to switch from supporting tribal guy to support BloodStaindHurricane's birds just to get some credit (at least in my mind ) for recommending hummingbird for a logo
  8. hehe looks like my hummingbird suggestion finally caught some attention but if no one can make a *really* good looking hummingbird logo than i still prefer tribal guy (without robot parts)
  9. I say it again, my vote goes to Shrill's tribal guy
  10. I like that smaller guy of BloodStaindHurricane's latest ideas, but I think that Shrill's tribal guy is better for icons, t-shirst etc., so I still vote for tribal guy
  11. So why would you waste your time to complain?
  12. I like Shrill's original logo, but I agree with boo that it is good when people have more options to choose from
  13. Hummingbird is small and pretty...