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  1. yeah that robot is sw33t just. BTW: we are eventually planning to put one of these to use right?
  2. ok just a question and try not to take too much offence to it are we trying to make utorrent look like it's made my a bunch of faries. i mean don't get me wrong but a butterfly is just not working from my point of view. ok lets see what it can represent. it's small light, and it's flying around. but really i just don't like it as a mascot. and please try not to get too mad i just don't like it
  3. you fluxiontech: nice one but did you make the globe cause i think i've seen that before. if so where can i get a pic of it?
  4. hellow world yeah i know i've been dead for a while. (well being hunted to be more precise) and i'm glad to be back. i'm using my backup computer cause my main one was seized and i had to make scrap from it real quick. so until then i'll be going at half my resources but hey i still got the skillz (see above) i'll keep in touch until i get a new one built.
  5. nice another great mascot by our fav artist
  6. REALLY! well then i guess i'll just have to add more power to the brain washer in the about menu LOL
  7. the cleaner one is a bit better bit for bit LOL
  8. i wonder if we can make the next vers simply support .png files instead of .bmp 32 alpha blending
  9. hey just putting my 2 cents in just somthing i kinds thought about the bits acumulating and then i thought the motto fit the reason hope you like
  10. yeah it's true you win. but i have my own ver. i really hope yours is the next icon for utorrent
  11. I still think the Tribal guy is the winner... he's so original and is a nice concept
  12. LOL LOL LOL BTW a couple of things.. 1. i finally got my wirless network back up so i can start working again 2. i pulled some favors and got some help in designing some logos, mascots, even webpage revamping (if ludd is interested) i gave him the page and he took a look so hope for the best everyone. FINALLY we can have some professional work done. if ludd can return my emails then i'll ask him specificly where to focus on.
  13. absent is an idiot and should stay in his tiny little world. this is for the fans not some ass like him (btw: some of us too get paid for web page designing but you don't here us bragging)