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  1. I uninstalled using the Windows 10 uninstaller and installed version 3.5.5 build 45704. The only feed I use is RSS and it's working fine. Every once in a while Iobit software updater wants to update Utorrent but I always cancel
  2. Utorrent no longer automatically downloads the torrents from the RSSfeed. I'm using version 3.5.5 build 45672. Any suggestions? Installed version 3.5.5 build 45672 today. I'll let you know if it auto downloads over night. No joy disables rss feed and created again. A lot of torrents started to download so maybe that did the trick. I'll post again after nest downloads on schedule start or don't. Still no joy. Torrents show on the RSS feed list but I have to start them manually even though the feed is set to auto download. If I do a complete uninstall and reinstall of UTorrent, will it remember the torrents I have downloaded so they won't be downloaded again? After the uninstall reinstall the issue has morphed. Now some torrents auto download some do not. Issue resolved. Uninstalled 3.5.5build 45672 removed settings installed version 3.5.5bulid 45702 added rss feed and 49 torrents started to download automatically. Stopped them, deleted them and this evening torrents started to download as needed.issue disappeared.