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  1. Didn't I mention "Google clicks" as well ? Google gives you a service - a search engine - and make money out of your clicks. Is this so different from click-starting an *optional* offer-torrent or a similar link ? Using adblock vs using a firewall (for example) is that much different ? you can block google's click tracking with userscripts. i guess we'll start seeing utorrent cracks now.
  2. are a myth. firon, the one utorrent guy i actually trust, said there were no security issues with 2.2.1 apart from some unspecified dht exploit.
  3. you haven't discussed anything with us, you simply said "next version is going to have ads, lol". that's not a discussion. if you were listening to what we're saying now, you'd recall that decision. again, no discussion, only talking at us. yeah, come back when you've removed all the useless crud in 3.x (especially retarded context menu items like "converted files" - who the hell uses a download program for conversion?) and i'll gladly update. (ads obviously fall under "useless crud").
  4. your point is moot, smart people use ad block. smart people will also not use crapware when there are better alternatives available. besides that, if the latest changes are any indication of what utorrent inc. thinks of as an "improvement", their eagerness to work on utorrent is inversely proportional to its quality. liston to this man. i would pay a fiver for that.
  5. 37 negative posts, 0 neutral or positive posts. yep, that went about as well as could be expected.
  6. utorrent continues its downward spiral. ever since 3.0 came out utorrent only ever gets bloat and ads, never features people actually want.
  7. I estimate that a couple of screenshots instead of the weird artificial man that takes up 1.5 screens would lead to a twofold increase in popularity.