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  1. @ BSH, I like it and your on to someting and finally 'micro' is included (instead of "you"torrent). Really like the way you have him/she/it positioned, not afraid, but confident. The shadow is a nice touch to it. Now we just how to figure out some additions to make 'micro' look powerful (in the sense that everyday micro is just small, while utorrent is small but powerful), i do not think along the lines of shrills speer or sword, but something more suddle and intelligent/sofistocated. I doesn't look anything like Jark
  2. maybe or the swarm buuterfly thing, you could make something that resemble this images (less fractal, but swarming in a way, and maybe focus more on one butterfly in particulair. Maybe this Main butterfly could have a nice marking on his wings. Instead of eye's maybe a nice µ)
  3. think layout #1 imediately gives a overview of what can be expected (in a graphical way), while #2 displays a more corporate idenitity (one that one doesn't find often for software applications websites). One realy have to read before one has an idea what utorrent is all about. Personally i think #1 has more potential. indeed it resembles something like mozilla site. The green header can be easily replaced by one of the choosen design logo, making a nice header. #2 has to much info on main page which could easily be placed under a tab/new page. Who cares about a list older releases?, just give me a prober DOWNLOAD button of utorrent of the latest version. Apart from that the color schema is to 'pastel' to less contrast. Think it might be a bit more 'present', it apears shy. But thanks for taking the time to spend your time develling this site for "us". The css implementation is nicely done, congrats
  4. @BSH, these are great. I like them all, and really think this can be the 'dynamic' logo for utorrent. As each member in the swarm is unique it doen't make sense to make just 'one' bee/wasp logo. Instead the variaty defines the community feeling. So choosing a random logo really works in my opion. The idea captures the spirit of p2p, as a beehive just like the torrent protocal is an adaptive complex system. A rescale 16*16 image will not work a shortcu, but that is for later, as this topic is primary about a new Logo design. Keep up the good work
  5. @niceguy, nice modeling. Think this has real potential. I like this pre-version more then Shrill's one since it is more professional, less 'flash-like'. And apart from that I like it's clumpsy-ness. Its little belly, the hanging tits, the frendly face. This is a bee that wants to please you. Maybe we could even use the phrase from "pinky and the brain" > Pinky: Gee, Brain, what are we going to do tonight? Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world! Maybe this bee could wear a t-hirt with this phrase, would be hilarious. and I don't know if you like it. The "µ" symbol could be used in the 3d model by niceguy, as a 'handgesture'. Kinda the 'µ' sign could be used as some sort of greeting, kinda like a gansta kind of greeting (but then less mean). The pink and indexfinger would be the straight UP, the ring finger straight DOWN but inline with pinky, the middle finder Bend, and the thumb finger moving outwards. This way the µ would still be present in a 'funny and not so obvious manner.
  6. BSH, if I would be a donkey or a frog i'd be shit-scared looking at this viking really impressive photoshop skills. Do you mind sharing one of your psd with us, think we all can learn a great deal from it. On another notice, i still really don't get why lude decided to not use the 'µ' as 16x16 logo, think the simplicity (and the uniqueness of the character) is it's power. Ofcourse a simple 'µ' isn't good enough, but look at flashMX, or 3dsmax6, both have just a 'f' or a'6' as logo, and works fine. The argumentation on why to use a viking has some open ends, don't find it resembling a 'networked communication' idea strong enough (but then again should it?, edonkey or azereus are just animals, ???). Just like to comment on the useage of the tribal guy, .. it reminds me (or is somthing) more like a logo that could be used for a linux distro (don't know why, just has this feeling). Anyway, good luck
  7. ah, ok (in that case it is posted here wrongly, I appologize). In emule ETA stands for what i meant, hence the confusion. Is there a setting the shows me how long it will take (day/hours/mininutes ...) before a download is finished?. If not i think that would be a feature request then.
  8. so it's not the time still remaining until download is completed? (so remaining size divided by downspeed=ETA)