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  1. Very sneaky and dishonest way of implementing this screen. I am an experienced installer and I totally missed the third check box, thinking that I am accepting the utorrent user agreement. I rarely ever post comments, but I registered to your site just for this purpose today. I agree that a small portion of the fault is with us (users) because we trusted you wouldn't trick us this way and clicked the buttons without paying too much attention. However the fact that the uninstallation of the toolbar is so difficult and buggy (I really believe that it's not really buggy, but is made to look like this way) is inexcusable. The uninstall fails with a message claiming that the INSTALL.LOG file is not found (was it really created in the first place!!). We end up with a mess on our systems that requires a through and painful clean-up. You really owe an apology to your users, not for adding a toolbar option (to support your efforts), but doing it in such a way that you treat us like a bunch of idiots.