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  1. The reason, as stated supra, is that some of use have the Non-Unicode thingie set to Japanese (in my case as well as in amonrei's), simply as that. Some (most ) of you guys have it set to English, and don't have the problem at all, whether we do... :/ So the reason is already known.. we're just waiting for it to get fixed i'm sure someone from the uTorrent staff is already working on it they are THAT cool . baibai~~
  2. Plz fix the multiple instance problem (when opening the .torrent either from firefox or explorer) Other than that, this proggy is made of win and god
  3. :/ for me, it still opens another instance (build 364) when I open a .torrent either from Firefox or from explorer. I don't know what's wrong... Aside from that, everything seems über cool thanks uTorrent team!