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    µTorrent WebUI

    How do I fix this issue then? I primarily use a private tracker and prioritize for low seed-peer torrents. Since WebUI shows all torrents to have 0(0) seeds even though I know this to not be true, it means I have to look up the torrents using my home utorrent client then adjusting accordingly on the remote WebUI host.
  2. 1NUY4SH4

    µTorrent WebUI

    Does anyone know why WebUI shows 0(0) seed peers on every torrent, while inside µTorrent it shows the correct peers. It only seems to do this for seeders, leacher peers always seem to show up correctly.. µTorrent shows that there are seeders [for example 0(5)], but in WebUI window it never shows them [all torrents show 0(0)]. Browser and OS are all the same. I have tried accessing from Linux, OS X, Windows, and at least three different browsers on each platform, so it is not an issue with my OS or browser. Accessing remotely, or same network, or on the localhost client also all provide the same results. The client (WebUI host): Windows Vista, µTorrent/, WebUI V0.380 WIP.