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  1. ok... i've changed my mind. utorrent is out now you are actually STEALING my bandwidth w/o my permission f@#k you guys
  2. ya.. i registered just to voice my opinion too.. the admin is right .. all you have to do is add/remove program and it's gone.. and it's not silent, there were three boxes to check before you installed it. one of those boxes happened to be coupled with the user agreement and privacy policy which meant "you take the toolbar, or you leave without utorrent".. real nice guys.. sorry, i'm with pretty much everyone else.. had to try to capitalize on it somehow didn't ya? if it would have been ANY harder to get rid of than that, i would have written utorrent off as a casualty of war for good and found a new client to love. kinda worried about what types of spam ill receive after registering now sad days
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