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  1. That's what I was wondering about. Then yes, for torrents that doesn't have the container folder, it seems reasonable to have an option like this.
  2. Also, with a Subfolder option, I don't think it's very obvious that what it does is it removes one level of folder, rather than "not creating an extra folder". Since as far as I know, all multi file torrents always go in a folder; I would expect such an option (labelled as mentioned) to create an extra folder. It could say something like.. I don't know, "Move files to top level". That's not very obvious either, but I think it needs to be made clearer somehow.
  3. I don't understand what is to guess here: The files from multiple-files torrent can be saved either directly to some parent folder or to the subfolder in this parent folder. And the user should have an alternative. I meant the actual structure of the torrent content, as I don't know how it works. Nevermind what the end user prefers. As for your example, what if you put D:\Shows as the container, and "Borgias" for name? This will achieve the desired result, won't it? Granted that changing the name reflects on the folder. And it if doesn't, well that's what assume both your and Rafi's designs would do. Assuming the main folder is part of the torrent structure, and not just created by uTorrent for convenience, I just don't think it should be up to uTorrent to essentially manipulate the torrent content structure to conform to whatever the end user prefers. It should just download the content, nevermind what's in it. Yes, I can appreciate having a neat folder structure, but I think that should be up to the torrent creators.
  4. Rafi's design looked okay. But I don't really understand yours, Meddio. First off, can a torrent contain multiple files that are not in a folder? I'm guessing no, which I'll base the rest of this post on. Let's say I have a torrent with the contents: folder file1 file2 I choose to C:\ as folder path. Do you mean that, if I were to uncheck the subfolder option, that I would end up with C:\file1 and C:\file2? I think this seems strange. I would expect the torrent contents be structured as is. Unless the main folder works like a header for the torrent or something? If anything, I'd expect a subfolder option to create an additional folder to store the torrent contents in.