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  1. On the topic of reading, how about you go back and read the thread? There are several examples of people who elected to not have the toolbar installed, and yet there it was anyway. I've double checked by installing it in a VM just to make sure I wasn't going crazy, and sure enough, I can reproduce that behaviour every time.
  2. That was not my experience. I unticked the appropriate boxes during installation so that the toolbar was not to be installed. Guess what? It installed anyway. I "uninstalled" via add remove programs. All that did was remove the entry from the add remove programs list. The bar and it's associated mess is still there and it won't go away. utorrent is a fantastic program, but I'll be weary of installing it again because of this garbage. I've spent a considerable amount of time removing the crap this toolbar left behind, and I'm still not sure it's all gone. The uninstaller for the toolbar does not appear to work, or at least it didn't on my system.