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  1. Was the official response that i got to my post 'Why the hidden 3rd party software with u-torrent client' well yes i saw that but as already said it does say To accept t&s and install...................... to me says if i don't select it the client wont install, so it suggests that you have to install this shit!!! where it is misunderstood or is misleading,to users, it should be a separate tick box altogether not as it currently is, any how my system is now free of the bloat/spyware conduit toolbar, also as said even after uninstalling the junk & using something like revo theres still traces of it in the registry , i hope the devs will listen to it's user base on this and make some changes for future releases of what has been a grate product, if they don't i too will be looking at other bit torrent clients that don't smuggle this type of garbage on machines