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  1. The uTorrentBar has completely fucked my installation of Chrome. uTorrentBar cannot be disabled. The extension cannot be uninstalled. Upon restarting Chrome, it appears again. The default page can no longer be changed, it always goes to: http://search.conduit.com/?ctid=CT2786678&SearchSource=48 It breaks the Chrome search bar. The last instance of Chrome always crashes, apparently before settings are saved, so Bing is always the default, and that conduit page is always the homepage. uTorrentBar isn't removed when uTorrent is uninstalled. uTorrentBar isn't removed when 'uTorrentBar' is uninstalled. HiJackThis removed some pieces, uTorrentBar still appears. Revo Uninstaller removed some pieces, uTorrentBar still appears. People aren't angry that you slipped some crippled fucking malware into the uTorrent installer. They're pissed that it's so difficult to uninstall. Adding insult to injury, Firion parades around the forums essentially saying "too bad, go fuck yourselves", instead of providing some clear directions on how to uninstall the uTorrentBar. Probably because he has no fucking idea how to do that. I don't care if I have to wipe my hard drive and re-install Windows. uTorrent and uTorrentBar will ultimately both be uninstalled and I will never use uTorrent again. EDIT: Overview of steps I took to uninstall: Uninstall uTorrent Uninstall uTorrentBar That didn't work. Use HijackThis to remove items related to uTorrent and/or uTorrentBar That didn't work. Uninstalled & re-installed Chrome. That didn't work. Re-installed uTorrent & uTorrent Bar Tried uninstalling with Revo Uninstall. That didn't work. Finally: Uninstall Chrome Show Hidden Files in my home directory Open the "Local Settings" folder Delete everything in there related to uTorrent, Conduit, and Chrome. Restarted Chrome and it functions normally now.