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  1. In that case thank you for your help, and I was getting around half those speeds before using this forum to optimise my settings so good work, thanks all!!!
  2. I see, so is my speed as high as it should be or is it still low? comparing to the speed of my connection?
  3. I have read through the forum in much detail and still cannot seem to increase my speed from averaging 1000kbs. This is my connection speeds Modem Status Connected DownStream Connection Speed 9213 kbps UpStream Connection Speed 921 kbps VPi 0 VCI 38 near enough verified with it seems strange that it doesnt seem to go much further than 1000kbs. I have tried the utorrent suggested settings and also the speed chart which is in a different thread of this forum. According to the glassnote tests my isp isnt throttling either, if anyone has any suggestions or can help, this would be much appreciated. This is the first time I have posted in a forum too so be gentle .