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  1. Speak for yourself... I think EVERY release should have a change log. Listing those "one.. maybe two bug fixes" should be easy enough. Let's people know what to test, or if the changes are even something worth the DL.
  2. Based on my own experience, X64 is more like the 32 bit X86 x 1.3... Regards,
  3. Hmmm... when the .torrent files do remain, even with uTorrent still running I am able to delete them manually (without resorting to something like Unlocker). Regards, Edit: I guess I am just trying to figure out exactly when uTorrent 'forgets' to delete the .torrents like it's supposed to, since it clearly does so sometimes.
  4. No luck here ...I just busted my own theory too. My prior repetitions were apparently coincidence. Crap. But thanks for your help... much appreciated. Regards,
  5. I have been bothered by this problem, too. But I have never been able to reliably reproduce it, but now I think I may be on to something... I have been able to produce the issue by selecting a torrent to DL, then selecting only some of the files in the torrent to actually DL. When it's done and the share ratio goes over 1.0 and I delete (I changed my default delete action to Remove And Delete .torrent + Data), the .torrent file in the <drive>:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\ directory remains. If I select a torrent to DL and DL every file in the torrent, deleting removes everything, including the .torrent file. I am hoping some other users are willing to test this, too, as I have only a couple repetitions. Regards,
  6. For those unfamiliar with the release terminology used by the uTorrent devs, here are my translations: Term What everyone else calls it ------- ------------------------------------ DL release: RC (devs want to see if users are still whining about well known bugs) RC: Beta (devs think they fixed stuff, but also added some new and different bugs) Stable: Alpha (devs don't think it will blue screen) Beta: Pre-Alpha (should never leave in-house, but hey, what the heck) Alpha: Whoops, how did this get on-line Regards,
  7. http://www.netcheif.com/Articles/uTorrent/html/AppendixA_02_12.htmlThanks for the quick and helpful reply. Regards.
  8. Looking at my settings, the value is set as 0. What do I set it to in order to make the default delete action Remove and Delete Torrent + Data ? In fact documenting all the available values would be great. If it is somewhere, then please direct me... Regards.
  9. Another Preferences-Advanced-UI Extras-Search Engines issue... Yes, the %s token works, but the ability to add a separator in your search list by using a blank line is gone. Please fix this without mucking up something else?